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 The Highlands Pastor




The Highlands Congregation has a new Pastorate

Each will be "on call" specific days


 They are:

Robert DeZwart, Congregational Life Pastor

 Rob/Monday & Tuesday;

Wendy Gunn, Pastor of Record

Wendy/Wednesday & Thursday

Kathy Ruoff, Children, Youth & Young Adult Pastor

 Kathy/Friday & Saturday

  All on Sunday


Jeanne & Roger will continue Monday-Thursday at the church office and can forward you to the "pastor of the day". Of course you may text-phone-write any of us for administration, counseling, congregational ideas, or just to connect anytime. We look forward to working with all in the congregation and continue being "a light in our community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ



Church phone:  816-468-7878 during regular office hours

Cell phone:  816-645-4270 answered 24 hour


Preparation Scriptures



Luke 24:13-35; Acts 2:14a, 36–41; Psalm 116:1–4, 12–19; 1 Peter 1:17–23; Mosiah 8:66, 68–69; Doctrine and Covenants 157:17