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A pastor in a congregation was asked to visit all the “inactive members”. As he visited these homes here is the list of things members told him why they became inactive:
                                *Too much church politics or conflict with its doctrine
                                *Personal conflicts within the congregation
                                *The church has gotten too liberal
                                *The church is not contemporary enough
                                *Services are boring
                                *Programs aren’t fitting my needs
Basically…they weren’t getting out of it whatever it was they thought they should get out of it. But the author recalled his mother’s words when he was young, ”We are going to worship God. Six days a week God blesses us…and on Sundays we give thanks.” (Giving to God by Powell)
Our worship teams work very hard to provide our congregation with services they hope will be mean-ingful and inspirational to all who come. But I think this author’s mother was right the MAIN reason for going to church is TO WORSHIP GOD! If we do this, we are much more likely to get something out of the experience than if we come to church for any oth-er reasons. Come Sunday and worship God.


Preparation Scriptures



Luke 24:13-35; Acts 2:14a, 36–41; Psalm 116:1–4, 12–19; 1 Peter 1:17–23; Mosiah 8:66, 68–69; Doctrine and Covenants 157:17